If you have an RRSP variable account open you can easily contribute online through our Cyber Banker. If you need funds to take full advantage of your tax break, contact our loan department today! You can borrow for your TECU RRSP at the CU rate of 4.75%.

We are also offering Great promotional rates for new money to the CU. Limited time only! Conditions apply!

  • 1 year @ 2.20%APR*
  • 2 year @ 2.30%APR*
  • 3 year @ 2.75%APR *

If you have questions, or if you would like to speak to us about your RRSP please do not hesitate to contact our offices at 416-438-5606 or visit us online at www.theenergycu.com

*Some conditions apply. Rates subject to change at any time.

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