March is Fraud Prevention Month!

Since March is fraud prevention month we’d like to let our members know that we have a few great new products coming for our members.

In early March we are launching reCAPTCHA. This new feature, will be available on desktop, mobile web and e transfer pick up request and is not currently available on mobile app. This new feature requires members to first confirm they are human (and not a robot).  As you log in you will be asked to select common themes in images to login.

We will also be launching Strong PAC. Increased security and cyber safety is a priority for the Energy CU. Therefore, we are further enhancing our online banking and mobile app security with increased PAC requirements. This will be a 2 phase approach. Phase 1 – Members who log into their internet banking and change their password will have to comply with the new requirements. Phase 2 – All members who log into their internet banking will be asked to change their password and have to comply with the new requirements. More information about this will become available as we solidify a launch date.

Lastly we will be launching an enhanced version of Transaction Alerts. Transaction Alerts are text (SMS) or email messages that notify members of a wide range of account conditions and can be personalized to suit your needs. They include:

• New Bill Payment Vendor Added via Online Banking
• Online Banking Account Locked after 3 attempts
• Online PAC changed
• Enhanced Personal Message
• Increased Authentication Locked
• Login
• Interac eTransfer Recipient Added
• Western Union Recipient Added
• Insufficient Funds
• Balance
• Low Balance Threshold
• A deposit exceeds threshold
• A withdrawal exceeds threshold
• RRSP Term Maturing
• RRIF Term Maturing
• Term Maturing
• Loan/Mortgage Payment due
• Event

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us at 416-238-5606 and we can get you sorted.

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