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Educate Myself


Our members’ personal development is important to us. We believe that knowledge and awareness of issues that impact our members is extremely important in order that our members can lead more productive and happy lives. To encourage our members to pursue higher education and foster an environment for personal growth, we offer the following Grant:

The Marty Grubb Grant – To help prepare our young student members for the future.

In addition to our grant, we aim to keep our members up to date. We have frequent monthly on-site events and we visit our members at locations where we do not offer a branch. We want to keep you informed about products and services that can be of use to you. We also have demo days where members have a chance of getting a ‘hands on look’ at some of the features that we offer like Q-trade on-line investing. We publish monthly informational newsletters and frequently update our website to ensure relevant information is always at your fingertips. Our website informs you about the latest security issues and we also have calculators to help you achieve your goals, whether they would be for savings, loans or even to help you with your home budget Calculators.

We are also aware that not every situation fits in a mould and sometimes we need professional guidance to help us in time of need. As a result we have coordinated our efforts with professionals to bring you Ask an Expert Day. In the past our experts have provided our members advice on matrimonial law, identity theft, estate planning and wealth management matters and all free of charge! Check our Events Calendar often for a complete itinerary of all the events that may be of interest to you.

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