In Our Community




The Energy Credit Union is part of your community and we share the same goals and dreams. Like a trustworthy neighbour, we work with you and are actively involved by sponsoring local groups, volunteering and supporting local causes to help our neighbourhood prosper. We believe that our members deserve an opportunity to achieve well being and that working together co-operatively, works for the good of all. Our concern for our community is just one of our Seven Core Principles. Trust, Loyalty and Compassion remain at the forefront of our day to day activities. We measure our success on improving our members’ financial status and strengthening the community as a whole by improving our members overall well being.


Environmental Responsibility


At The Energy Credit Union we know that care for the environment is a co-operative concern. That is why we strive to provide you with the tools you need to help you minimize your impact on the environment.

Save the planet with the The Energy Credit Union Bio-Incredible loans. Saving money and helping the environment is easy with TECU’s Bio-Incredible loans. Members can receive .25% off loan rates when the loan purpose is to improve the energy rating of your home. This can include new windows, appliances, heating systems or anything else that will help you reduce energy consumption in your home.

Be energy efficient with a The Energy Credit Union CMHC mortgage. Choose energy efficient options for a new home or current home improvement and receive up to a 10% CMHC premium refund.

Save the trees with paperless statements. Sign up for The Energy Credit Union’s e-statements where your statement along with images of any processed cheques arrive to you on-line.

To reduce the use of paper cheques and encourage environmentally friendly initiatives through electronic transactions, The Energy Credit Union continues to offer electronic funds transfers (EFT) free of transaction fees. Whether to pay for your car insurance or other bill payments or electronically deposit your paycheque or pension, choose The Energy Credit Union to help your wallet and the environment.

Need helpful info about the environment; don’t forget to check out the E-Tips section of our monthly newsletter. Environmental information is also available via our Podcasts!

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