Energy CU VISA

Easy and Confidential Application Process

Whether you are looking for a credit card that rewards you for everyday purchases, offers exceptional insurance benefits or helps build credit, the Energy CU is proud to offer you a credit card that does more for your financial picture.

The Energy CU has partnered with Collabria, a cooperative company with unique payment solutions for credit unions, to provide a family of credit card options created specifically for Energy CU Members.


VISA Benefits

Along with the convenience of acceptance nearly everywhere around the world, your Visa card includes a wide range of built-in benefits.


  1. Call into PIN NOW 1.844.788.2725 to verify your identity and reestablish your VISA PIN.  Afterward, you can download the new PIN script to the smart chip on your card. You would be able to do this at any Exchange Network ATM (this is the preferred method), through one PIN attempt at a point of sale terminal, or taking out a cash advance (fees may apply for cash advances).

Zero Liability

Shop with complete confidence – online or in stores.

You’re only responsible for purchases you’ve authorized on your Visa account.


Apple Pay

Apple Pay offers an easy, secure and private way to pay on iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Mac.

Verified by Visa®

Online shopping is more popular than ever, and Verified by Visa gives you an extra layer of protection. By registering a password for your Visa card with the Verified by Visa service and shopping online at Verified by Visa enabled merchants, your card can only be used by you to make online purchases. Verified by Visa is available at no cost exclusive to Visa cardholders and helps prevent online fraud before it happens.

Visa payWave®

Breeze through checkout faster with Visa payWave. Simply wave your Visa card in front of a secure reader and you’ll be on your way. No need to swipe. No need to sign. No worries about paying with cash.

Address Verification Services

Visa takes protecting your account even further with Address Verification Services. By matching the address on your account with the address given when making a purchase, Visa works with merchants to cut down on fraud and help protect your account.

Visa Global Services

Enjoy the peace of mind of emergency assistance virtually anytime and anywhere. Visa Global Service helps you with reporting a lost or stolen card, obtaining an emergency card replacement or receiving an emergency cash advance.

  • Lost/Stolen Card Reporting — Lost or stolen credit cards can be a major source of fraud. But you can help protect your account against fraud by promptly reporting the theft or loss of your Visa card.
  • Emergency Card Replacement Services — Having your credit card stolen or lost is inconvenient anytime, but especially when traveling. That’s why we’ll work with you to rush a new card to your location.
  • Emergency Cash Advance — If you need cash advanced to you in an emergency, call and we’ll work with you to arrange a convenient location to pick up the cash, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Canada and U.S.: 1.800.847.2113

International Collect: 1.410.902.8011

We’re here to help

Cardholder support team members work on your behalf 24/7 every day of the year.

  • We answer questions quickly and completely.
  • We are friendly and well trained.

Call 1.855.341.4643 when you

  • are unable to find the information you need,
  • have a question about your account,
  • are having difficulty with checking your account through MyCardInfo,
  • have lost your card or
  • suspect that your card was stolen.

To help us answer your questions, please have your credit card number at hand.

Neo Financial Prepaid Mastercard

Pay with your own money and earn cashback

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Get all the features of a traditional chequing account, plus access to exclusive cashback offers at thousands of partners across Canada

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Deposits are eligible for CDIC protection⁸. With Neo Money™, your funds are safe

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Elevate your rewards with perks⁵ to gain access to exclusive offers, services, and boosted cashback

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Neo Money™ card a debit card?

The Neo Money™ card is a prepaid card that lets you do things that a debit card does—like access cash and spend your money online and in-store without having to manually load funds onto your card.

Is there a credit check to get a Neo Money™ card?

No. With the Neo Money™ card you are spending the money in your account. There is no credit check.

How soon can I spend with my Neo Money™ card once I sign up?

Instantly. We set up a virtual card so you can make purchases online instantly, or add your card to your Apple Pay or Google Pay to start spending.

I already have a Neo Money™ account set up, how do I get a physical card?

Simply log in to your account and select Cards under the main menu. You will see a carousel of cards to select from and order a new card to your registered address.


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