Keep safe! Don’t be a victim! Keeping safe online is a number one priority for our members. Cyber security risks have increased and hacking technologies have improved. Information shared via email can be a valuable find for hackers who manage to gain access to your email password. For example, if someone gained access to your email account, they could monitor your private communications over time or attempt to use your banking info to siphon off small amounts of money every so often. A regular password change would stop these criminal activities – whether or not you were aware of the breach. This is especially true if you use the same password for multiple accounts. Once they have one password, if you reuse this password they can gain access to all your online accounts.

  • At the Energy CU, members can send us secure encrypted emails if they put the following in the subject line   secure:  this will encrypt data you are sending to us, and help keep your info safe.
  • Help keep your personal banking data safe by monitoring your account very closely.
  • The CU recommends that members change their PAC on a regular basis (90-120 days) and do not reuse any passwords or use the same or similar passwords for their debit card.
  • Our new banking system now requires you to enter your Account number in order to access your account online, please remember that your PAC needs to be something different and more secure. It is not recommended that you use your account number as your PAC.
  • Set up Direct Alerts on your account. Direct Alerts make it easy to keep track of any changes that occur with Online Banking.

In the coming months we are planning on an additional upgrade to our Online Banking which should increase the potential level of security your password provides. In the meantime use a strong password to keep your self safe! If you have any questions about how to keep yourself safe online please refer to our website or give us a call at 416-238-5606 to ease your mind!

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