Attention Southlake members, we understand that sometimes getting across that bridge to the Medical Arts Building  may be very difficult. That’s why we do our best to come to you! We try to visit our members in the lobby of Southlake Regional Health Centre about once a month. You will find us at a table right in front of the elevators, come by and say hi!

Here you can open a membership, update your payroll deductions, get help with your online banking or mobile app. You can ask questions about your account and get answers to your credit union questions. We usually try to have some trinkets for our members and sometimes we are able to do a member’s draw for a gift card!

Please make note of the dates below and keep in mind that sometimes hospital scheduling means that dates can change. If you have any questions please call our offices or check the website where we will do our best to make sure that the most up to date information is available.

March 20th
April 30th
May 22nd
June 19th
July 24th
August 21st
September 25th
October 16th
November 13th



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