Did you sign up for a great deposit rate only to discover deep in the fine print that it lasts for a limited time (usually 3-6 months)?  After this promotional rate your rate of return drops down to a very regular rate for the duration of your deposit term. Our rates last for the term of your deposit! If you are ready for great rates without a disappointment 90 days in, consider an Energy CU TFSA or Term Deposit. Call our offices today at 416-238-5606 to find out how you can get these great rates!

TFSA Rates

VAR @ 2.65%

1 YR @ 2.90%
2 YR @ 3.00%
3 YR @ 3.35%

Term Deposit Rates

1 YR @ 2.20%
2 YR @ 2.40%
3 YR @ 2.90%

*Some conditions apply.  New Money Only. Rates subject to change at any time.  Limited time offer. $1000 Minimum Deposit required for all 1, 2 & 3 year term.




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