Spotlight Series: Meet our Amazing Team – Mark McDonald

Name: Mark McDonald

Position: Vice President Business Intelligence

Years at The Energy Credit Union Limited: 22 Years

About Me: My odyssey in professional growth kickstarted at Centennial College in 2001, where I bravely ventured into the Co-op Accounting Program. Picture this: Diane Kocet, our Assistant Manager extraordinaire, grilled me in an interview, and voilà, on December 18, 2002, I officially became a co-op newbie. The Credit Union rolled the dice in December 2004 and gambled on me as their Member Service Representative.

Since then, my career has been a wild rollercoaster ride—from MSR to Loan Clerk, Loan Officer, Financial Service Officer, Financial Service Manager, Business Development Manager, and now, drumroll please, Vice President of Business Intelligence.

In the ever-evolving world of finance, where change is the only constant (besides taxes, of course), I’ve been responsible for bringing in a plethora of cutting-edge products and services. Think Hyperwallet (remember the thrill?), eTransfers, Deposit Anywhere, Tune-Up Loans (they don’t make tunes like they used to), Friends with Benefits Mortgage (yes, you heard it right), Transaction Alerts (ding ding!), Mobile App (because who wants to wait in line?), International Transfers (across the globe with a click), Online Cheque Order/Stop Payment (because pens are so passé), and 2SV/Self-Serve PAC Reset (try saying that five times fast).

But amidst all this whirlwind, it’s the thrill of evolution that keeps me going. I live for the “Eureka!” moments when we introduce something new that might just make our members’ lives a tad more fabulous.

On a personal front, my journey toward health and fitness commenced back in 2005, marking the beginning of a transformative chapter where I shed a staggering 90 pounds. Since then, I’ve remained steadfast in my commitment to a balanced and active lifestyle. You’ll often find me hitting the pavement for a run, cycling through scenic routes, plunging into refreshing swims, and hitting the gym to keep the momentum going. It’s not just a routine; it’s a testament to my ongoing dedication to well-being and vitality.

Favorite Credit Union Product/Service: Mobile App

Why: The mobile app has earned the top spot in my favorites list for one simple reason: it turns the sometimes tedious task of paying family and friends into a breeze.

Pineapple on Pizza? I’m a proud advocate for pineapple on pizza because, hey, life’s too short to discriminate against fruit having a good time on a pizza party!

Fun fact about me:  I’m not just a regular triathlete; I’m a seasoned Ironman conqueror, with four competitions under my belt. Swimming, biking, and running—that’s my kind of triathlon trifecta!

Item on my bucket list: Qualify for the Boston Marathon (I like to think of my journey to qualify for the Boston Marathon as a series of 32 “learning experiences,” each one teaching me something new about perseverance, determination, and the occasional need for more training snacks.)

Song, album, movie, book, or TV show that you think everyone needs to know about: X-Men ’97? Oh, you mean the direct line to my Saturday morning inner child! It’s like they’re bringing my favorite comic heroes back from the past to save the day once again!

Something that I just can’t live without: Ah, the two essentials of modern life: family for the heart, and the phone for, well, pretty much everything else!

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