Beginning on October 4, 2021 Energy CU VISA cardholders will be empowered by SmartControls, a new feature to give you added control and fraud prevention tools for your credit cards!

SmartControls is a complimentary simple-to-use solution that enables Energy CU VISA cardholders to monitor, control, and protect their credit card activity.

Through MyCardInfo (MCI), Energy CU VISA cardholders will be able to conveniently select and enable transactional alerts and controls, such as e-commerce and international transactions.

Key Features

  • Energy CU VISA Cardholders will have full control to set up their own unique alert preferences via MyCardInfo on a variety of parameters (transaction type, dollar amount, etc.).
  • Allows Energy CU VISA cardholders to better track their card activity.
  • Energy CU VISA Cardholders can lock their card in the event their card has been lost or stolen.
  • Notifications will be available through e-mail.

If you haven’t already, apply for your Energy CU VISA here!

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