As coronavirus news moves far beyond China’s borders, the novel COVID-19 strain of the virus is sending ripples through the stock market, business and world economy. It is well known that over the long term, stock markets can be a big performer. Do you have years and years to wait for the market to recover those lost gains? If you are ready to stop rolling the dice, think about investing in secure Energy CU Term Deposits. With competitive rates and guaranteed returns, now is the time to take advantage of these great rates.

TFSA Rates

VAR @ 2.45% (no minimum)

1 YR @ 2.90%
2 YR @ 3.00%
3 YR @ 3.35%

Term Deposit Rates

1 YR @ 1.45%
2 YR @ 1.60%
3 YR @ 1.80%

*Some conditions apply.  New Money Only. Rates subject to change at any time.  Limited time offer. $500 Minimum Deposit required for all 1, 2 & 3 year term.

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