Online Payment Masking – Helping you stay safe

As part of our ongoing efforts to enhance the online security and raise security awareness for all our members, The Energy Credit Union is launching a free, new feature that now masks credit card numbers and Social Insurance Numbers (SIN) within our online CyberBanker and our mobile app on 15 February 2022. This great new feature will:

  • Mask the first 12 digits of a 16-digit card (last 4 will show)
  • Mask the first 6 digits of SIN number (last 3 will show)

Going forward, our members will only see their full credit card or SIN numbers within our online CyberBanker and our mobile app Payments pages when they originally enter the number upon setting up a credit card or a SIN (in the case of Canada Revenue Agency Remittance) as a Bill Payee. Thereafter, the number will be masked on any screen where the Bill Payment or Vendor Account number appears, meaning you will not see the full payment number.

By masking the numbers to a length that makes reverse engineering them impractical it will reduce the potential risk of identity theft for our members. If a person with malicious intent were to obtain member’s credit card number and SIN, along with other information available to someone just by way of social engineering, they could in theory request new credit cards or open new financial products in that member’s name. Masking the full number will reduce risk for our members and is a great thing!

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