Important Notice to Our Members – We are changing our Banking System!

We are aiming to move to a new banking system by November 1st, 2018. This upgrade is a big change for us and we’re excited about it because the new system will allow us to offer ongoing improvements to our product and service line and enhance our ongoing commitment to today’s technology.

Let us give you more information about this important news…

What does conversion mean and why do we need a new banking system? A banking system conversion means we are changing the software technology that we currently use to manage our daily business. Credit Unions, Banks and other financial institution utilize retail banking and client management computer software to handle day-to-day transactions.

What do I do now? Is there anything that I need to be concerned about? We’ve got this! We’ve already commenced much of the background process and all has been going as planned. In fact, so far, we are even ahead of our own schedules!

Why is The Energy Credit Union converting to a new banking system? Switching to a more powerful banking system will benefit our members in many ways. The banking conversion is a decision that was made to ensure that The Energy Credit Union remains competitive and continues to offer our members secure, up-to-date, and enhanced products and services. While the existing banking system has served us well over the years, the newer, more flexible system is better equipped to respond to the needs of our membership and accommodate initiatives vital to our Credit Union’s long-term growth particularly when it comes to technology!

There will be adjustments as we continue to move forward. You may have to input some information that you had set up previously, change certain log-in information and update some profiles, but doing so may help you streamline some of the items you’ve been meaning to clean up but haven’t made the time for yet. We will let you know what will need to be updated when the time comes. We are working on finding the best solution to make this process as seamless as possible but with every major change, there may be things beyond our control.

What we will ensure, is that we will keep you informed with our progress along the way and if there is anything you need to do-we will let you know! Our website/blog will contain timelines, regular updates, specific information regarding the process and if we need your assistance, we will let you know by contacting you directly via your preferred communication method:
• Letter
• e-mail
• newsletter
• telephone call
• statement notification
If you prefer for us to communicate with you electronically-please let us know.
As always, if you have any questions, please give us a call at 416-238-5606.

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