You don’t have to carry balances on your credit cards! As a credit union member you have options available to you to get out of debt. We are offering 100% loan approvals* right now for a limited time. Some credit card issuers are changing the way they charge interest and this means those clients carrying a balance could be paying even more. Why pay rates of 20%+ when you can consolidate to one low easy payment and a much lower interest rate of 8.5%?

A TECU loan can allow you lower your monthly payments, pay less interest and get out of debt faster. Get out from the burden of credit card debt. Call our loan department today! Apply online, or call our offices at 416-238-5606 ext 158.


*Maximum $2000.00 guaranteed approval, amounts over that threshold must adhere to standard credit granting policies which may result in the loan being declined, requiring additional security or requiring a co-signer. Debt Servicing ratios must be within Credit Union’s Guidelines to be eligible for approval; otherwise loan amount must be repaid within 6 months. Income Verification Required. Annual percentage rates, terms & financing limits may be affected by credit history. New money only. Limited time offer. Rate subject to change at any time, additional discounts do not apply. Cannot be combined with any other specials. Membership required. PPSA Fees & other exclusions may apply. Variable loan rate based on prime rate (4.25%)+4.25%. Must not be currently or in the process of a Bankruptcy or Consumer Proposal. Must not have any collections or judgments.

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