Fraud Prevention Month


To raise awareness during International Fraud Prevention Month in March, The Energy Credit Union offers these tips to help you understand fraud risks and protect yourself:

Keep personal information confidential. Avoid sharing personal details unless you initiated the contact and know the recipient. Refrain from sharing personal data in regular emails or on unsecured websites to maintain data security.

Protect your personal information. Prevent identity theft by shredding documents like receipts, credit applications, and insurance forms before discarding them to prevent thieves from accessing your information.

Safeguard your PIN and passwords. Keep your PIN and passwords confidential; avoid sharing them with anyone, including financial institution personnel, family, or friends.

When using an ATM or making a transaction, shield your PIN entry. Be cautious of unusual transactions. Stay alert for suspicious offers, like requests for unexpected deposits to claim inherited funds. Avoid financial dealings with unfamiliar parties.

Report any suspected fraud immediately to your bank. At the Energy CU, we prioritize member confidentiality and data protection, aiming to raise awareness and educate members on safeguarding their personal, business, and financial information. Recently we held a free Spotlight Social for our members to help educate themselves about common frauds and scams. Say tuned for more free events to help you keep safe!

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