Did you know about our new Interac Flash® limits?

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic the Energy CU has been looking for ways to add value and convenience to your banking experience. One if the ways that we have made changes to the way we do things is to bring our members new Interac Flash® limits for their ATM/debit card. We want to help our members avoid touching surfaces like payment terminal keypads. Last fall we were able to increase our cumulative Interac Flash® limit to $400. Now we are able to introduce a new $250 Interac Flash® per transaction limit to our members.  This increase to $250 helps accommodate social distancing and reduces member physical interaction with payment devices.

In order to activate this per transaction increase on your current ATM/debit card you will need to perform 3 consecutive Point of Sale transactions with your ATM/debit card by entering your PIN on the keypad. After 3 successful PIN transactions your Interac Flash® limit will automatically take effect on your existing ATM/debit  card.

From time to time, a point-of-sale terminal will randomly disallow the use of the contactless method for the transaction, and prompt you to insert the ATM/debit card and enter your PIN. This ensures that the rightful card owner is using the ATM/debit card.

The contactless feature can’t be used for more than $400 in purchases in a row. Once that limit is reached, your PIN must be used. This resets your limit, and you can again use Interac Flash® for your purchases. A limit is placed on how large a purchase can be made at any one time. – Our new limit is now $250.00

If you would like to opt out of the contactless service, you can at any time by letting the CU know about your request in writing.

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