Many of our members may find themselves looking for a way to access their home’s equity in order to gain some stability through this unprecedented time of great change. Accessing your home’s equity allows you access to low interest funds to carry your household through the next while. We can offer rates as low as 5% depending on the Mortgage Charge Priority and overall risk of the application.  Temporary layoffs and reduced work hours mean temporary conditions that can be causing you permanent stress. We can help you find some options for relief.  We can hold back 4 months interest payments so you don’t have to worry about a payment for 4 whole months. You can make a lump sum withdrawal from this line of credit or transfer funds from it as you need. You only pay interest on the funds you are using. Maybe you don’t need funds right now but you want the peace of mind to know that should you need it in the future it’s there.

We can offer this to you with social distancing options that can reduce the need for visits to the branch. E-sign, email, electronic banking options and Canada Post allows us to be there for you when we must keep physical distance.

*Some conditions apply. Rate Based on Credit Union’s Base Rate + an adjustment factor. 65% value of your home less existing Mortgages. 2nd and 3rd Merit-Lines available. Income Verification Required

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