Canada Post Potential Strike

As you may have heard in the news, Canada Post may be in a position to strike due to contract negotiations.  As a result, there are several ways that this may impact you, our member.

The Credit Union relies on Canada Post for a number of services that we provide to our members.  Monthly Statements will be affected, and any cheques mailed in for deposit will not be able to be deposited until after the labour disruption.

Your Account may be affected by the following:

  • We will be unable to mail or receive back required forms for the account.  Forms such as TFSA, RRSP, Loan Applications, T2033, etc. will be affected
  •  Requested Draft Cheques will be unable to be mailed home
  • New Credit Card applications or replacement cards will be affected & there will be a delay until the labour disruption has ceased.
  • All Credit Card, Home Equity Line of Credit (Merit-lines), Loans, Lines of Credit & Mortgage clients will still be responsible for ensuring all payments are received on or prior to the required due dates.  Payments can be made through several methods, please visit our website:
  • Members will receive delays in receiving their Client Cards for debit purchases & ABM transactions.

The Credit Union has recognized how the Canada Post Labour Negotiations may negatively impact your banking experience, and we have come up with the following solutions to resume service to you as best we can.

  • Members can access their account through Internet & Telephone Banking 24/7.  Please see our blog for possible banking conversion impacts. Members who have not utilized this service are encouraged to contact the Credit Union to set-up access.  e-Statements can be viewed through Internet Banking
  • Members may visit any of our branch locations to obtain a draft cheque from their account
  • Members may fax or email correspondence & or information to the credit union
  • Members may use various ATMS on the Exchange & Acculink Network for withdrawals and deposits into the account.  Members may visit the local branches for replacement ATM cards.  To View all locations, click here:
  • Members can send e-Transfers through Internet Banking
  • The Credit Union will utilize eSignatures for the signing of documents and forms
  • Members that require emergency services, couriers may also be arranged at the members expense
  • Personal Cheque Orders will be unaffected by the Labour Dispute.

Members with additional concerns on how they can continue to Bank during this time are encouraged to contact our office at 416-238-5606 to discuss how we can meet your personal needs.

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