Our new banking system has the capability to audit our member accounts so that they are in the correct benefit package … something that had to be manually audited on our old system. It seems that some members accounts got overlooked while we were on the old system and are now properly coded. The good news is that some of you have had the freebies all this time in error (… ooops!), but going forward the computer is doing the audits so you may see some charges you didn’t see before.

With a dollar value participation of at least $10K (that’s both loans or deposits) you would get most of our services for free and for $25K you could get the infinite package which would mean that you essentially get virtually all of our products free. There is also an option to pay monthly but this may not be your best option. You can see more here https://theenergycu.com/everyday-banking/chequing-and-packages/

Perhaps you have a loan/LOC or mtg or some investments you’d like to bring to the CU to qualify for freebies. Maybe there’s some CC debt your like to consolidate. There are also other things you can do to minimize fees on the account because as a CU member you still get free AFTs and EFTs which the big guys usually charge for. Some of our members use the app facilities of some vendors to pay all their bills with their credit card and then make only one payment to their credit card, lowering fees that way.

Call us today! We’d be happy to chat about your options and clarify any questions you may have about your account!

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