Account Alerts- Are you set up yet?

Direct Alerts can be sent as a text message to your mobile device, as an email to your email address, or both. You can review the last 30 days of alerts history in online banking. Just click on the View Alerts History link on the “Message and Alerts” tab. You can also manage your alerts by editing the contact information, account nicknames, or choosing different alerts to be received. You’ll find all of these functions under the “Manage Alerts Contacts and Mobile Nicknames” tab.
Registering for Direct Alerts is easy. Just a few quick steps and you’re all set up. You can choose how you want to be notified and even assign which form of contact will be assigned to each alert.
How do you sign up?
1.Login to The Energy CU CyberBanker Online Banking.
2. Click “Messages and Alerts” tab and then click Manage Alerts
3. It’s easy to manage alerts:
-Select an alert
-Select where you’d like to receive them by email or mobile phone
-Personalize the alerts you’d like to receive
4. Note that we will never ask for your account number, passwords or sensitive information in any of our alerts to you. If you’d like to change account nicknames, choose “Manage Alerts Contacts and Mobile Nicknames” and then “Edit Nicknames”. Remember to click on “Submit” when you are finished.

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