As we move through this unprecedented time, your Credit Union aims to continue to do its part in ensuring the health and safety of our staff and members. Although we have been opened for business from the onset because we are critical to preserving basic societal functioning, we will continue to take reasonable measures to protect our workplace and the employees who keep delivering essential financial services. We think of our small staff compliment as our most precious athletes and like the nation’s athletes we want to continue to protect the staff during these pandemic times.  Across Canada, we like many others, are taking extraordinary steps to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.  As such, our branches will continue to remain closed/by appointment only.  Members may continue to do all of their banking electronically and after the success of our first virtual AGM, we have also added a new communication feature ZOOM for members seeking a more personalized banking experience. And as we all continue to face challenges and change, we want to assure our members that we are here to help you in any way we can. Please read further for important information regarding our operations.

 Our Event Calendar

  •  Our 81st Annual General Meeting (AGM) was held virtually on May 15th, 2020.  If you missed this historic event, please click here .
  • Our 26th Annual Golf Day will be postponed and will be tentatively held for 16AUG2021. This was a very difficult decision, made to help ensure the health and safety of our members, affiliates and staff. This will help us ensure that our exceptionally popular golf day will remain the golf experience our members have come to know and love. We anticipate that our proposed new date will allow us all to be free of the worry of COVID-19 and give the greens time to be ready for our arrival.
  • Our popular Spring/Summer bus trip has also been cancelled. We are aiming to resume this popular event in 2021 in hopes of being able to be in closer spaces by then. Keep an eye on our website for the most up to date information.

Accessing your CU Account

Following key recommendations, we have taken important measures to help protect our members and staff including:

  • Limiting hours of operation
  • Limiting branch access to ensure effective physical distancing
  • Implementing changes to policy and procedures to allow members to sign even more official documents electronically.
  • Implementing work from home practices for some employees where we can accommodate such measures to ensure healthy social distancing practices.
  • Encouraging good hand hygiene through frequent hand washing practices and providing hand sanitizer for our members and staff
  • Increased cleaning of the office spaces
  • Maximizing our accessibility by ensuring our Member Solution Centre is available from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. M-F
  • For members needing to reach us via our branch, we are requesting members to call ahead prior to coming in as situations continue to change rapidly which may affect branch hours and access. Our close relationship with our members means that we can usually help with any inquiry or transaction via telephone, email or virtual chat. This will also help our aim to keep our staff and other members safe during this time.

Your banking Options

Most of our members are already using these convenient and free options to access their account. In case you were not aware, you can use our Mobile App, Online CyberBanker and Telephone Teller for various financial transactions. These tools are your most convenient option and they can be accessed 24 hours a day 7 days a week, from anywhere. Here are some of the things you can do using these free services:

  • Check your account balances
  • Deposit Cheques (Mobile App only)
  • Pay bills
  • Add new merchants for bill payments
  • Transfer funds from one CU account to another
  • Send and receive funds using Interac E-transfer
  • View and print your e-statements and cheque images
  • Place stop payments
  • Order cheques

If you are not yet set up for these free services, please contact our offices to be registered by phone at 416-238-5606 or email at

Your NEW Banking Option:

We can now add video face to face meetings through Zoom to our offerings to members. Zoom is cloud based video conferencing. Members can easily andreliablyclick a link and connect with CU staff from the comfort of their desktop or mobile device. Privacy would bemaintainedfor members as staff would not be disclosing personal or privateinformationduring the call. We successfully held our 81st AGM via Zoomandwe feel comfortable that ourmemberswill find this new platform a fun and exciting way to get a personalized member experience.

 Staying Safe

 It is exceptionally important to stay vigilant during this time.  As such:

  •  Sign up for online alerts if you haven’t already. You can do this from your online CyberBanker
  • Disregard texts or emails that you may receive that request you to reply with confidential information. Companies that you deal with already have your information and would never ask for it in an unsolicited email or text.
  • Avoid clicking any links that may appear within texts and emails asking you to apply for COVID-19 relief or government assistance. There are proper channels put in place by the government to apply for these financial programs. Please reach out to these government agencies directly for more information instead of replying to unsolicited emails and texts.
  • Reach out to affiliated businesses and vendors by using only confirmed web addresses and phone numbers that you trust. Use the contact information listed on mail/statements that you can confirm is from them. Please look at URLs carefully as scammers are getting better at confusing the public. Be on the lookout for spelling mistakes and irregularities, these are red flags you should be wary of.
  • Be alert to fake companies taking advantage of the fear of COVID-19. Avoid donating funds to these scammers and do not give anyone money when they claim that they are doing required government testing for COVID-19. These are known scams.
  • If you are concerned about anything you see on our website, there is an unusual pop up on our website or you just want to remain vigilant, give us a call about anything you may find suspicious.

We remain committed to our members. Keeping you informed and supported during this extraordinary time is our top priority. If you have questions about financial relief, essential banking services and any new developments with regards to our response to COVID-19 please reach out to our offices by phone at 416-238-5606 or email at

Stay strong and stay safe.


Diane Kocet

CEO, The Energy Credit Union

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