As part of our continuing commitment to cybersecurity, a new safety feature has been integrated within our online cyberBanker.  Enhanced authentication practices are commonplace for online banking and e-commerce platforms, and TECU’s login features will continue to evolve with advancements in technology.

This new feature, is available on desktop, mobile web and Interac e-Transfer pick up request and is not currently available on mobile app. reCAPTCHA requires members to first confirm they are human (and not a robot).  As you log in you will be asked to select common themes in images to login, like the screenshot below.

This extra layer of protection will help keep your account safer from computers trying to guess their way in. As part of our fraud prevention program, we would like to remind members to keep an eye on your accounts for suspicious activity, update passwords frequently, keep your anti-virus and security software up to date and contact us if you have any concerns.

Here are tips to help you protect your personal information and accounts:

  1. DO NOT click on any links and reply to messages requesting personal information. NEVER enter your login information or password on a link you click from any text or email. Rather, enter it directly at the website address you are familiar with.
  2. Change your passwords and login credentials regularly. 
  3. Create passwords and PINs that are complex. Never use easily identified passwords, such as sequential numbers (i.e 1234567, 1111111), your address, your date of birth or your phone number.
  4. Review your account activity regularly. If you see something unusual or suspicious, Contact the CU right away.
  5. Subscribe to Energy CU’s Direct Alerts via text or email. You can choose to receive an alert anytime a new bill payee is added to your list of vendors, you are locked out of MemberDirect online banking after 3 attempts to log in, your MemberDirect account has been logged into or an Interac e-Transfer recipient has been added. New enhancements are coming soon to our alerts suite. Call our offices if you have any questions.

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