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It is easy to put aside money for savings once you make it automatic. Why not set it and forget it today?

Deposit Anywhere

Deposit Anywhere is an innovative banking technology that makes it easy to remotely deposit a cheque using a mobile device. You simply open your mobile banking app, tap the “deposit” button, select the account you would like the funds deposited to, enter the amount, take a photo of the front and back of the cheque, confirm the details and tap “submit”. The funds are then deposited securely into your account.

Why choose Deposit Anywhere?

  • Flexible CAD deposits. Members can deposit CAD cheques to any of their CAD accounts at the Credit Union.
  • Multiple account options. Members can choose from a list of their accounts to make a deposit.
  • Uses the same level of security features as MemberDirect® Mobile App
  • Save time by never needing to visit a branch or ATM to deposit a cheque.
  • Better manage their cash flow by depositing cheques when they receive them.
  • Take advantage of the latest technology their mobile device offers.
  • Bank the way they want to by offering more choices to bank with mobile devices they know, trust and use every day.

Deposit Anywhere FAQs

1.       What is Deposit Anywhere?

Deposit Anywhere allows you to take a picture of your cheque to have it automatically deposited into your Energy Credit Union Account.  There is no need to bring the cheque into the Credit Union.

2.       How long should I keep the Cheque?

It is recommended that you hold onto the cheque for 90 days.  After the 90 days, and once confirmed that the cheque has been deposited into your account, the cheque can be destroyed.

3.      Will the cheque be deposited right away?

The cheque will automatically be deposited within 2 – 3 business days.

4.     Will there be any holds?

As in our existing practice with cheques deposited into an ATM, there will be a 5-day hold on all cheques deposited through this service. Please call 416-238-5606 if you have any questions.

5.     Will it cost me anything to deposit a cheque through this service?

See the Credit Union’s Service Charges and Fees schedule.

6.     What happens if I deposit the cheque twice?

There are methods for the Credit Union to determine if a cheque has been deposited more than once.  The second cheque deposit will be reversed from the member’s account.  If you suspect that you may have deposited the same cheque twice, please contact the Credit Union immediately to resolve the issue.

7.     What Accounts can I deposit the cheque into?

You may deposit the cheque into any chequing or savings account type that you already have set-up on your account that you can currently deposit into.  You may not deposit a cheque into a Flip and Save Account.

8.     Can I deposit Foreign Cheques?

No, only Canadian Cheques may be deposited using this service.

9.     Can I deposit an endorsed Cheque?

The same depositing rules that apply to ATM deposits will apply to cheques deposited using your Mobile App.  You may deposit endorsed cheques, provided the cheque is not issued by the Government of Canada.

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