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  • Energy CU treats its members like family. They will always offer a solution that meets the needs of members, unlike many other financial institutions.

    Moreen, member since 2011
  • “I wish to thank your entire team for being supportive during these times! In all my years with TECU, they go above and beyond, the most empathetic team I’ve had the honor to know. They listen to your personal situation, make suggestions and help you during these times both emotionally and financially! With all other financial institutions not willing to help, they have been there for me! Thank you for all your help!”

    -long-time member, Karen Starchuk
  • I want to give an incredible shout out to Cori. I was struggling today with a lot of things and Cori was AMAZING!! She spent so much time with me today on the phone. She was professional; kind and so patient. She really was spectacular! Sometimes we do not acknowledge the good things in life, we only reinforce negative things.  I like to thank and appreciate wonderful customer service and Cori today rocked it!

    Sharon Wilson
  • Fantastic!!!! Always helpful, happy returns messages super fast, always fast and efficient. Always looks out for member. Super happy with my credit union!

    Tracy Rocha
  • Thank you so much!! I have to say since joining the tecu I have received nothing short of fast, knowledgable and efficient staff. I prefer dealing with the credit union then my own personal bank and will definitely consider transfer all my banking when my mortgage comes for renewal. Keep up the great work

  • First and foremost I need to Thank You for your outstanding diligence, kindness and attentiveness for me Always.

  • As I am sure you are aware, my husband retired from the T.T.C. almost four years ago and we now live about 5 hours away from your credit union. However, we have always enjoyed such wonderful service from everyone we have dealt with that we would not dream of changing. Thank you so much for your assistance today with my transaction.

    Melanie Ann MacKenzie
  • You have helped me buy my truck & my house.

    Andrew Evelyn
  • Thank you so much, the Energy Credit Union is fantastic and I am pleased that it’s so easy to request funds from my account.

    Penny Stroeder
  • I walked into the loan office hopeless, lost and confused coming from a broken marriage after 21 years. Where do I start? How do I pick up the pieces. But after speaking with staff who took the time to walk me through the different services provided by the Energy Credit Union that would cater to my needs. Now the future looks brighter for my kids and I. I went in hopeless, came out hopeful. Thank you!

    Sherrell Peterson
  • I am very pleased with the service we received from TECU as a whole. Staff is extremely knowledgeable and efficient which made our mortgage transfer so easy. Being a member of an organization like this feels really good!

    Jemila Harrison-Nuroh