Personal Access Code (PAC)/online banking password reset is enabled for all Energy CU members. All members have the ability to change their PAC/online banking password at any time through online banking.

Below please see some Frequently asked Questions about two Step Verification and a guide to help you get online faster should you encounter any difficulties.

Q: Why Self-Serve PAC Reset? A: The Self-Serve Personal Access Code (PAC) Reset feature empowers our members with the capability to unlock their accounts and reset their Personal Access Codes at any time, ensuring accessibility and convenience around the clock, 24/7.

Q: It won’t accept my personal information when using the Forgot Password button. A: It is conceivable that there might be a discrepancy between the information provided and our records, or you may not have an active enrollment in our Online Banking system. In such cases, we kindly request that you contact our office at 416-238-5606 ext 0. Our dedicated team will be pleased to assist you in verifying the accuracy of your information and ensuring a seamless resolution.

Q: I put in the wrong personal information when attempting to update my Password (Personal Access Code), now I receive an error message. A:  As a security measure, if the personal information provided does not align with the records maintained by the Credit Union, access to this service will be temporarily restricted for a predefined duration. In such circumstances, it will be necessary for you to reach out to the Credit Union for assistance in resetting your password if you are unable to utilize the service. Your security remains our utmost priority.

  • After three incorrect entries, PAC Reset is not allowed for 24 hours on the account
  • If, after 24 hours, there are three more failed attempt, then PAC Reset is not allowed for a week on the account
  • If, after another 24 hours, there are three more failed attempts, then PAC Reset is not allowed for a month on the account

Q: I forgot my Personal Access Code and I am locked out.  Do I have to wait until the next Business Day to be unlocked? A: Members can reset their Personal Access Code (PAC) at any time by using the “Forgot Password” feature. This can be done by providing their birthdate or Social Insurance Number (SIN), which will be cross-referenced with the records on file. If the provided information matches our records, members will then receive a verification code via SMS or Email, enabling them to select a new Personal Access Code. This self-service option is available 24/7 for member convenience.

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