Here’s what you can expect with our Meritline process:

• We would have a phone conversation with you to obtain an updated financial disclosure to determine eligibility and the amount of a Meritline that you may qualify for. (15-20mins)

• We would let you know what documents you would need to provide to the Credit Union to support the eligibility (for example income verification, property tax bill and house insurance). (1 business day or less to review)

• We would contact you and let you know the amount that you qualify for, subject to a satisfactory appraisal and obtain your consent to proceed (5-10 minutes)

• We would contact an appraiser who would reach out to you and schedule an appointment with you to appraise your property (1 business day or less for appraiser to contact you)

• Upon receipt of the appraisal, Credit Union contacts you and informs you of the appraised value and the supported amount; Credit Union prepares Meritline documents and Mortgage Charge documents in accordance with this conversation (1 -2 business days from receipt of appraisal)

• We would contact you and schedule in-person signing or arrange for a remote-signer to sign with you at a location/date/time of his choosing

• Once documents are signed, the Credit Union makes the Meritline limit available on your account, less applicable fees. (on the day of signing or upon receiving receipt of signed documents)

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