Choice Package

Total Dollar Participation Required (Loan or Deposits) N/A
Monthly Fee $14/month fee

Option Services

Chequing Free
External Regulatory Maintenance Fee (ERMF) $9.85
ATM Transactions through THE EXCHANGE® or Interac® Per Month* (Including Inquiry) Unlimited Free
POS/Debit Card Transactions Per Month Unlimited Free
In Branch Bill Payments** Unlimited Free
Online Banking Bill Payments Unlimited Free
Online Banking (Increased authentication) Free
Mobile Banking*** Free
Telephone Teller Free
Savings and Chequing Accounts Free
AFTs and EFTs Unlimited Free
Stopped Payments**** 5 Free per year
Certified Cheques/Bank Drafts (CDN) Unlimited Free
Letters of Interest /Immigration Unlimited Free
Post Dated Cheques (per cheque) Unlimited Free
Interac e-Transfers® $1.60 Each
The Personal Home and Auto Insurance Eligibility Eligible
Discounted Loan Rates No Discount
Annual Membership Fee Exempt
Deposit Anywhere Fee Unlimited Free
TFSA Withdrawal – In Branch (phone, email requests) $15
TFSA Withdrawal – Online Banking $.90 each

† 5 Free Withdrawals and 5 Free Deposits monthly

* Transactions at THE EXCHANGE Network of ATMs are surcharge free but surcharges at source for Interac ATMs are not included in the packages.

** Bill Payments for Essential package are $.90 online.

*** Carrier charges may apply.

**** Does not include US cheques.

Subject to Change at anytime

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