Choice Package

Total Dollar Participation Required (Loan or Deposits) N/A
Monthly Fee $14/month fee

Choice Services

Chequing Free
External Regulatory Maintenance Fee (ERMF) $9.85
ATM Transactions through THE EXCHANGE® or Interac® Per Month* (Including Inquiry) Unlimited Free
POS/Debit Card Transactions Per Month Unlimited Free
In Branch Bill Payments** Unlimited Free
Online Banking Bill Payments Unlimited Free
Online Banking (Increased authentication) Free
Mobile Banking*** Free
In Person Live Telephone Teller Free
Savings and Chequing Accounts Free
AFTs and EFTs Unlimited Free
Manual On Demand AFTs and EFTs $15.00 each
Stopped Payments**** 5 Free per year
Certified Cheques/Bank Drafts (CDN) Unlimited Free
Letters of Interest /Immigration Unlimited Free
Post Dated Cheques (per cheque) Unlimited Free
Interac e-Transfers® 20 free per month
The Personal Home and Auto Insurance Eligibility Eligible
Buyers Protection and Extended Warranty Eligible
Discounted Loan Rates No Discount
Annual Membership Fee Exempt
Deposit Anywhere Fee Unlimited Free
TFSA Withdrawal – In Branch (phone, email requests) $15
TFSA Withdrawal – Online Banking $1.00 each

† 5 Free Withdrawals and 5 Free Deposits monthly

* Transactions at THE EXCHANGE Network of ATMs are surcharge free but surcharges at source for Interac ATMs are not included in the packages.

** Bill Payments for Essential package are $1.00 online.

*** Carrier charges may apply.

**** Does not include US cheques.

Subject to Change at anytime

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