Aura™ Loyalty card

Aura™ Loyalty card

Aura™ Loyalty card

TECU offers the Aura™ Loyalty card which is a reloadable, prepaid, virtual Mastercard® and financial wellness app which offers discounts and rewards at participating merchants, both local and national. By using the Aura Loyalty card you can be rewarded at your favourite merchants without having to enroll in countless individual loyalty programs at each store. Choose between the fee-free virtual card or request an optional physical plastic card in the mail.

What can you do with your Aura™ Loyalty card?

Meet your Aura Loyalty card.

You’re a loyal credit union member and perhaps you don’t have, or simply don’t want, a credit card. Online shopping or pre-ordering groceries weren’t really options for you. Reserving hotel rooms, rental cars or ordering food by phone or online (although possible without a credit card) became inconvenient, but you made do with debit and cash. With the implementation of social distancing practices, many businesses brought their wares online and perhaps you see the convenience now, where you didn’t before.

That’s where an Aura™ Loyalty card comes in. Aura is a reloadable, virtual Mastercard® and financial wellness app for members of The Energy Credit Union. It has instant offers, rewards of your choice, and can be used wherever Mastercard® is accepted. Choose between the fee-free virtual card or request an optional physical plastic card in the mail.

There are many things you can do with an Aura Loyalty card. Check out the link to some really great videos for step by step how-tos for many of the things you can do with your Aura card!

track your savings and set goals

Set savings goals directly in the Aura Loyalty app and achieve them, with round up savings tools to the nearest $1, $2, $5, or $10. You can even track how you’re saving on a weekly or monthly basis and categorize your spending habits. This will help you see where your money goes, so you can pinpoint how to save even smarter in the future.

Aura Loyalty Teen

Aura is available to teens between the age of 13 to 17. The Aura Loyalty Teen™ card will be associated with the parent or guardian’s registered Aura account. The teen must reside at the same address as the parent or guardian.

Aura Loyalty Teen Benefits: 

  • Teach youth about financial management and literacy with tools like goal-setting, round-up options and spending trends
  • Instant cashback offers geared toward teens
  • Send or request money transfers from parent/guardian to teen within the app

use it with your smartphone

For convenience and ease, your card can also live within your smartphone digital wallet, like Apple Pay, Google Pay, Garmin Pay, Samsung Pay, and FitBit Pay.

split the bill. tap to pay. load money easily.

Just by tapping a couple of buttons on the smartphone app, you can split the bill with friends. (Getting your roommate to pay you back on that DoorDash order from last week just got a little bit easier).

If you’re out and about, a simple tap to pay is all you need to complete purchases and reloading the card is extremely easy with the help of Interac e-Transfer®.

spend with peace of mind

With the ability to freeze your card if you lose it, zero liability protection, and transaction notifications, online shopping is safe and secure with an Aura card.

get rewarded with your Aura Loyalty card

We saved the best for last.

By using your Aura Loyalty card, you can be rewarded at your favourite places (without the hassle of joining countless loyalty programs). With exclusive offers, promotions, and cash back on everyday purchases, the decision to sign up for Aura Loyalty can mean more money in your pocket!

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