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I am very pleased with the service we received from Charmaine Coy and the TECU as a whole. Charmaine is extremely knowledgeable and efficient which made our mortgage transfer so easy. Being a member of an organization like this feels really good!

Jemila Harrison-Nuroh

I walked into Charmaine Coy's office hopeless, lost and confused coming from a broken marriage after 21 years. Where do I start? How do I pick up the pieces. But after speaking with Charmaine, she took the time to walk me through the different services provided by the Energy Credit Union that would cater to my needs. Now the future looks brighter for my kids and I. I went in hopeless, came out hopeful. Thank you Charmaine.

Sherrell Peterson

Thank you so much, the Energy Credit Union is fantastic and I am pleased that it’s so easy to request funds from my account. 

Penny Stroeder


“You have helped me buy my truck & my house.” – Andrew Evelyn

Hello Diana,
As I am sure you are aware, Frank retired from the T.T.C. almost four years ago and we now live about 5 hours away from your credit union.
However, we have always enjoyed such wonderful service from everyone we have dealt with that we would not dream of changing.
Thank you so much for your assistance today with my transaction. Since it is now officially the season, a Merry Christmas to everyone there at the Credit Union from Frank and myself.
Kind regards,
Melanie Ann MacKenzie


Sara. First and foremost I need to Thank You for your outstanding diligence, kindness and attentiveness for me Always.” 



Thank you so much!!
I have to say since joining the tecu I have received nothing short of fast, knowledgable and efficient staff.
I prefer dealing with the credit union then my own personal bank and will definitely consider transfer all my banking when my mortgage comes for renewal.
Keep up the great work

I have always had a high regard and respect for the staff at the Credit Union, Jimmy and Ross were always professional and good to me, providing the best in customer service and continued to provide the same quality of service when the transfer to The Energy Credit Union happened.
Again thank you.
Crystal Titus


Thank you very for your fast services as always. The energy credit union is one of the best  banking institution i have the privilege of using.

Dorrett Simpson 


 Happy to report that in 31 years of working at Toronto hydro, any, and all communications have been well received and if there had been any issues, they were always addressed promptly.   I’ve just recently started internet banking, thanks to Justin from the Commissioner’s office, whose patience and effort helped me get with the 21st century!

Kelly Fisher


Thank you for being so quick. So far your service has been fast, efficient and friendly.  If I have any questions or concerns, you went over and above and even provided me with a list of ATMs close to me.
Thank you.
Angie Petropoulos


Hi, Diana,

I can't say 'thank you' enough for all that you've done for me today.   OMG!!! You were so fast!! Woo hooooo!!
I am forever aware that as a representative of the Credit Union, you are on the 'front line' facing either the abuse or the praise delivered by your clients (I know!!  As a secretary of Toronto Hydro, I've been there, done that, and got that!! ha ha!!)  Most people take time out to 'shoot the messenger' but not so, to praise him/her.  I'd like to take this time to say that you (and all the other staff of the Credit Union) are 'one helluva' bunch of people.  Nice to know that you folks are there, taking care of our financial stuff, while we are busy finding ways to spend it!! 
It's days like today (where I so needed the cooperation of my bank - and got it!!) that I realize how important the credit union (my bank) is to me!!     Is it no wonder why I am still a member after so many years?? 
Diana, I hope that the Credit Union values your excellent services as much as I do!  You certainly do them proud!!
Helen Bourne


“Instant solutions and prompt resolution to all my questions and requests.” – Barbara Girdharry


“ ... always courteous and friendly. It is surprising that Beth always knows our account number even before we can say anything!! She is a real pleasure.” – Christine Girdharry

"Providing a personal touch with service.” – Tom Maccarone

“You help in every way.” – A. Sandy Scott

“TECU has been helping me. Thanks.” – Virgilio Julian

“TECU helped me pay off my car loan. Very helpful in helping me set up our RRSP’s.” – Rose Sazon

“TECU has helped by supporting us. When we need money and in a bind. Also when Moira passed.” – Mike O’Sullivan

“Excellent work.” – Sue Butson


 “You helped with consistent information and advice.” – Hetty Dehaney


“I appreciate the AGM and the chance to meet old friends. Good work!” – Morag Jackson

“Got travel medical insurance for me & my 90 year old mom. Thank you!!!” – Paula Zarnett


“Always friendly helpful service. Great rate on TFSA.” – Carolyn Guthrie


“Mark McDonald has always been of great assistance to me, enabling me to make sound financial decisions.” – Veronica Eastman

“TFSA is awesome!” – Elaine Gurny

“The credit union staff have always been very helpful in every way – very pleasant and friendly, but also very professional. (For about 55 years!)” – Emily Sage

“Love the notification on my email (iPhone) to let me know the transaction activities such as deposit/ w/d /cheque cashed.Great tellers at 500 Commissioners especially Justin, he always helps me and does a lot for me.” – Catherine Kent

“Very helpful when needed.” – Ettie Richmond

“Service very good and freindly people, very impressed.” – Donald Skinner

“I find the service in our C.U.  is fabulous.  The improvements are great and the added benefits are well worth the change. Keep up the Good Work.” – Ralph Bodnieks


“Charmaine made my experience with The Energy Credit Union not only a pleasure but an easy transaction to complete everything. Her sugestions to me helped with my decision to do banking and additional shares with this credit union. My past experience with TTC credit union has not been a good one. Very pleased to be a new member. Thank you to Charmaine on an outstanding financial service administractor & should be commended on a job well done!” – Susan Harvey


“Everything is excellent.” – James Connolly


“They always help me out with my financial need, and they ar very friendly. TECU is the best financial institution in Toronto that’s why I’m a member for 34 years.” – Maria Harmath

“Staff is like family. Friendly, nurturing, helpful.” – Colleen R.


Ron Tassie
. I  just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for the continued service I’ve long enjoyed. Not just with the Energy Credit Union, but you personally. It’s has been many years, you and I have been dealing with one and other, and although all our dealings have always been the very best. I felt you should know how much I appreciated your personnel help over the years. I don’t just bank with Energy Credit Union  .I bank with a friend. Thank you so very much.


You have been very helpful and quick reacting to my request which is greatly appreciated.  Thanks so much.  It was a pleasure dealing with you.
Sharon Horrell

Whenever I am in contact with the staff of the Credit Union , I always appreciate the personal attention that makes me feel the staff really  know  me and are working for me in my best  interest.  I  thank you.    Louise Godfrey

Tim Heidman
Testimonial : Many years a member and hope many many more .Excellent staff,excellent service. Thankyou


What I love most about The Energy Credit Union Limited is:
Your great service. 
Staff is always willing to help you out whether in person, on the phone or via email.
Always greeted with a smile.  Everyone is friendly and personal.
Always great service.  If you need expert advice on banking they are willing to talk with you.
Our family is grateful to be banking with you.
Your group insurance with The Personal  Insurance has saved us lots of money of the years too.
Thank you all for being so helpful!
Maxine Morris


I don’t think words can explain how the service that I receive from the staff at the Credit Union Excellent.
I trust and belief that all of my needs are met every time and on time.
Thank you for such a beautiful and friendly service especially to Nicole, Diane and Beth.
Chandra. Seecharran


Thank you for the time and care to provide. Much appreciated. Always the service is tops.   Tim Heidman


I love the service!  It's so quick and convenient, and it's easier to ensure my bills are paid on time, especially in the winter months when the weather may make it difficult to go to the store to make a payment.
Thanks for all your help!
Regards,  Liz M.


I find the Energy Credit Union’s service to be great! Even though I live out of town and am retired, I have had absolutely no problems having my main bank accounts at your CU. Recently I was given a small tutorial on accessing more information online pertaining to my accounts that has been most useful. I will be contacting you soon to set up my phone to deposit funds with my phone.
Best regards,
Rob Trimble


Every single one of my dealings with the credit union has been smooth and all of my concerns were addressed immediately. I am very pleased with the service thus far. Your implantation of the app for the Android platform was a great idea and has made processes very convenient and effective. 
Have a great weekend,
T.J. Wahid


I think the service I receive from The Energy Credit Union is the best! Always quick with an answer and any assistance I required. The staff are all so pleasant to deal with and so helpful! I love that I can trust  the CU & am able to deal with all my banking needs over the internet! Quick & Efficient should be your motto!
Linda Doyle


Hi Diana,
Thank you very much for your usual excellent service. I have occasions to communicate with you over the years and just like Charmine, Justin and mark who I usually deal with, I have always get the best service which helps to make a stressful situation easy.
Thank you.
Sedrick. Sleugh



Joan Edamura 


Diana, I absolutely cannot say enough about the service(s) you provide, the professionalism of your staff and the dedication of the Credit Union itself.  I have been a member for many years and I can honestly say it has always been a pleasure!  

Melanie Ann MacKenzie

As you may or may not be aware, Frank has retired from the T.T.C. and we sold our home in Newmarket and moved to a small hobby farm where we built a new house. We are about 45 minutes from Ottawa ..... and yet we continue to deal with the Energy Credit Union. Need we say more. :)


Diane Donovan

What I like about the credit union, even though I've been gone for over 13 yrs, everyone still remembers who I am.  I’ve always been treated with friendly, courteous and quick responses.  I always feel like I’m dealing like a family member when I call or email.   All of my family are  members as well, to take advantage of what the credit union offers.  Both my boys have car insurance at a much cheaper rate through the credit union than the other companies had offered. Keep up the great atmosphere.


Debbie Jewers

I have been a member for over 35 years and the Service I've received has been extremely wonderful, the staff that I've dealt with have been so helpful and friendly and so caring about the needs of there members. 

Maggie Wyllie

Thanks to all the staff members for excellent service over the years .


Isabelita Buenaventura

The Energy Credit Union is doing a great job. The Staff are very accommodating and very knowledgeable of their job. I've been a customer for twenty years now.


Joanie Morton

Thank you for followup regarding the stop payment request, always nice to have a response so I know this matter has been dealt with. Glen and I have been clients for many,many years and now that he's retired it's great knowing that access is just a phone call away. Thanks again for the prompt service.


Iolando Violante

I have been with your company for the past 3 years plus, and I have had good experiences using your services.  When I call and ask for help, I get the services that I am looking for.  Thank you

Linda Doyle

I think you guys are great. Everyone I've dealt with over the many years has always been extremely helpful, patient, polite and nice. I find the staff to be well informed and if there's a question that can't be answered immediately the answer has been very quick to come to me. You all seem to smile over the phone when I call. It's a pleasure to deal with the credit union. I look forward to continued wonderful service from the credit union!

Jacquie Petten (St. Louis) 

Recently I've just purchased a condo and I would like to thank all the people at the Credit Union for their help and support.  I would like to give Mark a special thank you as he helped make it all possible in such a short time.  Everyone is very special there and are so pleasant with always a cherry smile. Thank you all!


Cindy Black
I absolutely love dealing with the Energy Credit Union…things are so much quicker and easier to manage.  You guys are way better at service than the big banks!!! Keep up the good work….

Angelita Bautista

Diana, I want to commend you for a job well done. Your suggestion with regards to my  bank card really saved my day. Thank you very much for your quick thinking and for your quick action on this matter.


Ralph Bodnieks

I find the service in our Credit Union is fabulous! I was a bit concerned about all he changes, but they are not a concern anymore. The improvements are great and the added benefits are well worth the change.


Ken Gurdon

I'm a long standing member of our credit union, your service is fantastic.As I age and my hearing fades away and my mind is having trouble focusing, I went into the Yonge St office to make changes to my account. 
I received exceptional service from Diana Donohue, who was able to have my business completed in her professional fashion.  Beth Wallace heard my voice and came out to ask me how my daughters are doing. Personal service that is never heard of in any investment institution and banks that I deal with. They only look after their own profits.

I deal with other financial institutions, but none compare to the personal service I received from the C.U.  Nearly forty years I have been a member, always great service, what more can I say.

Sincerely, Ken Gurdon Haliburton Ont.


Wayne Gomm

I have been a member of this credit union for over 30 years and have never had a disappointing moment dealing with the staff, new staff or longer term staff. I have always felt catered to and always satisfied with outcomes after dealing with this excellent staff. It seems you all bend over backward to assist in any need and are always very courteous when fulfilling my requirements. Thank you all very much!!


Helen Bourne

Nicole! You are to be congratulated on this video. Class A stuff! After viewing it I felt proud as a peacock to be associated with this Credit Union. Let's Keep this fire burning. Here's hoping for another 75 Years of success!


Debbie and Ken Clarke

Beth, I just wanted to say thank you once again for taking such good care of both Ken's and my TFSA concerns.  We really appreciate all the time and effort that you took, and, put into, 'fixing' our little dilemma - even extra hours.  It's so nice and comforting to know that we are not just another 'account' with The Credit Union but that we really do matter. Thanks again - we appreciate it.  Take care.

Debbie Vrantsidis

Diana, It is great to be able to call and email the Energy Credit Union and get all of this complicated transferring of funds and bank drafts done so quickly. I appreciate the prompt and personal service.

Nola Jackson

Diana, Your service is superb. I have recommended family members.  They will be joining your dynamic banking institution. Thanks again for your service.

Justin Clarke
Your service is incredible, I have been incredibly pleased especially with the prompt responses to any inquires I've needed.  Even for setting up a first time mortgage the process was (relatively) painless.  All in all - I'm very happy with the services you all have provided me and look forward to continuing in the years to come.

Patrick Donnelly
Everybody at the Credit Union has always been very helpful.

Maggie Wylie

Thank you very much for your prompt help and understanding in assisting me.

Barbara Girdharry

I really want to commend all of you, the entire staff at the Credit Union for doing an excellent job in taking care of our business.  I must say that I am still intrigued at the fact that some of you know my account number as soon as I give my name. I feel like I am member of your family! You serve your customers well and because of such excellent customer care, the Energy Credit Union has earned my complete trust.

Wayne Timbers

I have always received courteous and professional service at TECU. 

Melanie MacKenzie & Frank Hellingman

Frank and I have been credit union members for probably close to 30 years, and we have had nothing but exceptional service from everyone we have dealt with. It is always so wonderful to call up or on rare occasions stop by and immediately have us remembered. I can well remember one occasion when we were extremely worried as Frank was in the hospital with pneumonia and I received a phone call from the manager. I thought they were calling to ask about our mortgage payment but in fact they were calling to ask about Frank's health situation and was there anything that the credit union could do to help me. Now that is the ultimate in customer service. Even though we are now living close to Ottawa we have chosen to remain members and will continue to deal with the credit union in the future.

Lou Di Michele

The service, as usual has been great, quick, courteous and professional.

Ernest Brown and Randi Knight

My Dad and I were very pleased with the service from the credit union. Our questions were answered quickly and I had a sense of what I needed to do right away. Your were very pleasant and helpful.

Linda Doyle

Thank you for your patience and good work! I've always had great service from everyone there over the years!

Lorraine Gauthier

As for service, I have been with the Credit Union since 1983, and I can honesty say that, customer service, financing options and of course the people have always been the greatest.


Ron Mielke

Diana, Thanks for the phone conversation and quick response to this matter. Always a pleasure to deal with the staff at the CU.  

Garry Schultz

Diana, Thanks for your help, courteous, and pleasant employees with no hassles, much rather deal with you guys than any bank!    

Annette Codner     

Diana, On behalf of my mother and myself,  I just wanted to commend you and the other staff members on your great customer service. So many time myself or my mom has relied on you for help in regards to our banking needs and you have always been kind and very polite going the extra mile to assist us.  Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness, patience and understanding.

Levan Montaque

Often times when I call an organization for an inquiry, I usually hear "I have to talk to my supervisor or I don't know".  I was relieved to hear someone (Diana) taking the time to review the request and ultimately assuring me the concern would be dealt with. Thanks for listening because not many people do that these days.  It makes the company gain trust from their customers.  


Marcia Gibbons

I’ve been a member for over 5 years and I’ve used the payroll savings and personal loan.  Everyone is easy and helpful to deal with.


Doris L.

Easy way to save money because it’s deducted from my pay.


Robert Trimble

I have been a member since 1981 and I have found the service at the Credit Union top notch, no matter what I need. As I live out of town and to do personal banking would be a 4 hour trip into the city, I especially like the service where it can be done over the phone or by email. Over the years, I have made use of many services offered by the Credit Union and found them all to be excellent. I have always been treated as a valued customer, been able to drop in to speak to anyone at a moment’s notice and have never been treated like a number as other institutions sometimes do.

Vito Binelli

Diana, As usual it has been a pleasure dealing with you and the credit union. Keep up the good work!  It doesn't go unappreciated.

John and Karen Michalicka

My husband John and I would like to say a big thank you to Diana Donahue for her great customer care in helping us pay our son's university tuition. It is this kind of care that we received today that has made our decision to continue to bank at The Energy Credit Union an easy one, as opposed to the big banks.

Marcus Parchment

Over the past many years I have been a long standing member with The Energy Credit Union. And during this time had the pleasure meeting various staff within. I would like to mention the outstanding service and care Madura has provided whenever I came in with any financial concerns. She has always addressed any issues I had as if they where her own. Making sure I was always comfortable with the terms and conditions. Thanks for all your assistance and looking forward to our meetings in the future.


Jaklin Mehrabian

I have been a member for over ten years and the credit union has been there when I needed them the most. They are very helpful and try to get the best deal for their members. I also have my car insurance with The Personal and got a great deal.

Susan Sayewell

Excellent, prompt service! I am able to access my account with a bank card, very convenient.

LouAnn Elliot

It is very convenient with prompt service always. They pay high interest on their products and the deduction from my pay is excellent.

Brenda Wood

I really like the fact that the money comes off my pay and that the TFSA has the highest rate.

Carmelo Femia

The Credit Union has kept me financially sound.

Stan Kleniewski

I have benefited from no/ low fees at the credit union. My first car loan was with the credit union.

Marcia Gaudet

I find the credit union very helpful and a great way to save money.

Chris Webster

The credit union has always helped in my financial needs for 15-20 years. They are always very pleasant and caring.

Jeff Currie

Setting up an account was very easy with very friendly service.

Damian Reid

I have found that the service I get is exceptional. Staff is always friendly and ready to help in any way they can. I can definitely see my financial future is bright with TECU. Thanks for everything you have done for me.

Graham Muir

I got my car loan through the credit union.

Eldon Huestis

Excellent service, easy to work with.

Glenn Edwards

The credit union offers diversity in the banking community. The credit union offers better rates on TFSA accounts.

Jaspal Singh

Mark provided timely and professional service to me and my family! Thanks Mark!

Farida Sattaur

As a member of the credit union, I am extremely pleased and happy with the services provided.

Ravinder Sawhney

Great customer service and a TFSA account.

Cheryl Love

The credit union staff has always gone above and beyond with excellent service. They provide friendly personal assistance which is a rare commodity these days. We appreciate all of our banking needs are taken care of; from daily banking to loans, mortgages and valuable advice.

Carmel and Mary B.

We really appreciated the fact that you came to us and could accommodate us in our home. We felt so comfortable talking in our kitchen, there was no pressure like we felt in the bank. We both felt extremely comfortable and assured with Beth Wallace’s presentation, approach and explanations. Please accept our most sincere thanks and appreciation for your time and consideration and for the service you provided them.

Mark Smail

The staff at all the branches has always been polite, courteous and accommodating. It has been a pleasure being a client for all of my financial requirements.

John and Donna Roach

We both appreciate the excellent service that has been provided to us over the years. Thank you again.

Sandy Scott

The TFSA is a great way to save!

Felicitas Doi

I am so grateful for being a member of the credit union. All of them do a great job.

Hermelina Sotelo

The interest rate is good compared to the other credit unions.

Terence Doi

Over the years, we received wonderful service from all the staff at the credit union.

Florence Rosos

It helped me with financial problems or worry regarding loans that I can afford with reasonable interest rates.

Mary Bartell

I moved my money from ING Direct after their rates dropped and I learned the credit union was offering such a great rate. I have maxed out the amount I am able to deposit into my TFSA and can see my investment growing rapidly. Keep up the great rates.

Arlene Howard

Great staff and helpful!

Johanne Dupont

They are the greatest!

David Fujita

Staff is friendly, knowledgeable and excellent!!!

Greg Aletto

The Energy Credit Union are great people to work with.

Cathy Turvey

You have taught me how to use online banking which saves me time and money, and that is good for everyone!

May Theys

Always very courteous, helpful and they keep things simple. Reduced my stress when I recently lost my bank card it is greatly appreciated.

June Cranswick

Nice people at the credit union, very helpful.

Leslie Weekes

All aspects of financial services were excellent, compounded with great customer service from staff.

Moira Lee

MY TFSA with TECU is great. It gives me more interest and lets my money grow for my retirement.

Oneil Smith

I have complete trust in the energy credit union, they have amazing staff and great service.

Guillermo Oliveros

Great service, you get a smile from the staff whenever you visit the branch.

Matthew Pettipas

Credit union is always convenient.

Jim Likourezos

The teller service at the credit union is phenomenal. Their service is professional, efficient and very personable. It is always a very enjoyable experience.

Ekundayo Ashwood

I have been with TECU since 2009, whenever I walk into the office I am greeted by smiling, courteous and helpful staff. I have received professional advice from the staff whenever needed be it RRSP, loans or mortgages. I will go with TECU for my next major purchase in life.

Juan Songalia

Associates are very accommodating and excellent services. They always smile, are happy and professional.

Robert Earl

They have given me friendly services and help me with travel insurance or special cheque requests. Excellent people.

Teresa Allan

I’ve been with the credit union for 31 years. They have excellent service and great staff. They offer a wide range of services and are very convenient.

Edwin Samuel

When I joined Toronto Hydro I was introduced to the credit union and the first week I was taught how to save for my house. Seven years later I got my home with the help of the credit union. That same year I was able to purchase another vehicle to replace the old one. The saving plan helped me bury my stepfather and assist my daughter in university. Today I am still saving, thank you.

Robert Glavanov

I have been with the credit union for almost all of my 32 years with Toronto Hydro. I really appreciate the lack of service charges at the credit union.

John Michalicka

The credit union is the only banking institution my family uses. It has been great to us for many years and for years to come. Keep up the great work!

Susan Holovy

It is convenient for me to use.

Keith Lehman

The Credit Union holds my mortgage.

Upendra Joshi

I have been with The Energy Credit Union over 20 years. They have best service, they help me a lot.

Lukasz Krawczynski

They worked with me to get my car when I only worked for 3 months. They also have worked with me to buy my first house. Everything was fast and friendly, staff is awesome and all in all I love banking here.

Iwona Czechowska
Credit union offers me a great way to save money. They provide me with promotional rate on my investments. They also invited me on many bus trips. If it wasn’t for the credit union I would not have been able to travel to some of the places I have been.

Margaret E. Hunt

Beth Wallace & Nicole Lake, thank you very much for the time you took in helping me sort out my financial situations. Your experience and expertise made it easier for me to understand. You guided me on the proper path in order to make important decisions. Once again, thank you for your time and support.

Ken Scott

Your TFSA rates are WAY better than any other institution I’ve seen. Really a worthwhile deal.

Tracy Rocha

Cori was great in helping me purchase my new van, any questions I had she answered. She was very fast and quick doing all the paperwork. This is the second time I have been over at the credit union Southlake branch. Whether I’m on the phone or in person, she is always happy, smiling and willing to help. Keep up the great work!

Patrick Walters

The Credit unions saves me money. They are also always there if I need money.

Lorna Toolis

The Energy Credit Union has an well-designed, user-friendly web page.

Nadine Armstrong

Liana Crimi is very helpful.

Thomas O’Leary

I have dealt with many banks and CU’s but they don’t even come close to the warm service of the Energy CU. Charmaine Coy has made getting a car loan a “walk in the park” compared to other financial institutions. I would like to thank Charmaine for her caring ways, you don’t see that very much in this high paced world.

Ashiq Jeddy

I have been with the CU for the last 2 years and the service has been excellent and professional. Thank you for your efforts and help in my difficult situation.

Mary Lemieux

TECU has saved my life throughout the years by showing me ways to get out of debt without cashing my RRSPs.

Cassandra Knight

This Credit Union is fantastic! They guide me through all my technical difficulties electronically and spend the time, be it minutes or hours, to complete my transactions over the phone. You actually feel the smile through the phone. I just love them!

Francis Appiah

This Credit Union has been great in terms of member service and also providing updated information to their members. The call-back turnaround is great.

Tony Spano

I love the service!

Sherri Anderson

I have found the staff of The Energy Credit Union to be pleasant, helpful and very professional.

Howard Hoffman

Mark McDonald has been excellent help for me and my family. He has always given me excellent advice and service. Nicole Lake gave me great advice about the security of my online banking and helped me get set back up once my computer was fixed.

Moreen Jones-Weekes

TECU helped me to streamline my finances which lead to better fiscal management, better cash flow and an overall healthier financial future.

Mary Bartell

On behalf of Moira and myself, I would just like to say that the 2013 AGM was excellent. The meeting went well and hearing about Ronald McDonald house was very interesting.
See you at the next annual meeting.

Cecilia Abas

The Credit Union is very convenient for me and the people are very helpful. My monthly statements are easily accessible on the internet.

Jackie Clarke

The Credit Union staff are excellent! I can call them to do transactions for me.

Hemanthini Murali

The Credit Union has given me the opportunity to save some money. Providing excellent service with the best staff!

Mashood Kassim

It has always been a great experience each time I visit The Energy CU. The reception is always getting better each time. The team there are always happy to help you out no matter what. It is a financial institution that I would recommend to my family and friends.

Leszek Pisarek

I like banking with the energy CU because:

  • No fee PCA

  • Loan interest rebates to members

  • RESP Account set-up and maintenance

  • Polite and professional service from staff at 500 Commissioners

Judy Dewsbury

Charmaine, I would like to really thank you, for your help but most of all, your kindness. It was a pleasure to work with you. I felt you treated me with respect and did not judge me for my circumstances. You and Cori both make banking with the Energy Credit Union a pleasure.

Debra D’Agostino

Good Morning Nicole and Thank you so much for all your help. This is the difference between good customer support and GREAT customer support. CIBC simply sluffed me off. You spent most of the day helping me to resolve this issue I was having. Once again you come through in shining colours – You truly are the BEST (I love all the employees at the Credit Union) truly like a family.

Sam Kutondo

I came to Energy Credit Union in search of a unique or custom solution just for me and boy was I impressed! Not only did they look at my current financial situation but they went out of the their way to consider the most suitable product that will help me gain better grasp of my finances, control expenditure and set me on a firmer foundation to retain my earnings and redirect those resources to where I can invest in great interest earning options. I am know that I would not have found this solution elsewhere. Thank you TECU, I am forever grateful indeed!

Denise Downie

Dahlia, Thank you as always for the great service you and the Credit Union provides. You're always helpful and go that extra mile to help me out!

Bill Venton

The energy Credit union treats members like family. It has been a pleasure to be “one of the family” for 24 years. Other companies and financial institutions could benefit from the member service model at the CU; un-paralleled member care!

Helen Bourne

Thanks a heap, Nicole! Thanks for your terrific customer service!!

Much appreciated if you could forward this email to your supervisor. I would like him/her to know that you are doing a fantastic job. As a result of service like yours, I continue to enjoy being a customer and a long-term member of the TEUCU (nostalgia, eh?). This credit union is unique in that it has always been compassionate and supportive (especially when you need it!!) ... just like 'family'. Compared to other banking institutions, you guys put the 'human' back into the picture ... it really is not all about money.

Sharon Wilson

Thank you so much for organizing the Qigong session on June 8th. My mom and I really enjoyed it.

We love our credit union and appreciate their interaction with their members. It makes a difference. Many other credit unions could learn from this.

Thanks again for caring about your members.

Well done!

George Marcoccia

Excellent service, always helpful, friendly staff. I will never deal with another bank.

Christine Mak

Thank you to all the staff for all the excellent work for the past year.

Donna Richards

Thank you for your commitment to good customer service. Keep up the good work.

Joseph Place

I would like to thank the credit union for all the hard work and great customer service you all provide! You guys always exceed my expectations.

Robin Iwasa

The Credit Union has GREAT service...staff are thorough and take care of everything in a most professional manner. It is the best service I've ever had!

Lisa Tolev

Beth, you are always so helpful to me “remotely”. I appreciate all that you do.

Rory Calhoun

The CU has helped when I needed it with the biggest smiles and assistance. Great people to work with!

Ishvardai Persaud

A great place to have your investments!

Bill Lesarge

The credit union helped me out with loans during some tough times.

Devon Webley

The Credit Union is doing an excellent job! Everyone is so friendly and whether I visit the Head Office or the Service Centre, I am never disappointed with the service!

Keith Jefferson

I have enjoyed the professional service your staff offer, especially Jimmy.

Leszek Pisarek

Jimmy and Pia work very well, and provide good service beyond expectations.

Edwin Samuel

Great, Great, Great, Excellent people skill and they your personal stuff with professional service. The service is always with a smile and help is always available even when you are not aware.

Jim Likourezos

The credit union has always been helpful and very professional in all my banking needs.

Ron Owens

Great bunch of people

Chuck Blair

The credit union has always been there for me and my family.

Darryl Siriram

The credit union helps my family when in need.

Michael Prosper

Glad to be a member, Great Job!!!

Randy Hopkin

Good service, fast service and good golf tourney.

Ryan Li

Great service and easy to access to service

Stephen Scott

Excellent banking services for all my needs

Ricardo Pangindian

The credit union helps members to save money on mortgage rates.

Scott Montgomery

Great service and friendly atmosphere

Nicole Soverall

The convenience is great, the service is excellent.

Ravinder Sawhney

Friendly and convenient location

Mike Carnegie

The service and customer support given to me and my family at the credit union is second to none.

Thank You
The Carnegie Family

Sharon Wilson

Congratulations on a well done tournament. I attend many credit union tournaments in the industry and yours is certainly one of the most organized and fun tournaments I attend! I had a great time and thank you for including me.

Joe Forrest

Diane, I want to thank the staff of TECU for the great Golf day this week. It was so well done and my foursome had a super time.

Secondly, the service of you and staff continually put other financial institutions to shame. Your security measures such as e-mail alerts I really appreciate. We have had some changes in our accounts very recently and the way they were handled was excellent.

Thanks again.

Veronica Eastman

I needed a loan because there was a death in my family. The staff deposited the funds to my account and were very accommodating and as usual, very friendly. They know me by my first name and they know me when they see me. They are the best.

Barbara Girdharry

I am very pleased to do my banking with dynamic organization. I have been a member of the Credit Union for over 23 years. The staff is excellent and tremendously helpful, especially Mark and Nicole. I have really enjoyed the many outings, You guys are the best! You not only know me by name but you also know my account number. The yearly AGM is a wonderful way of meeting retired members and learning where our Credit Union stands. I am really proud of the staff because of their reliability and readiness to assist. Thank you for serving me all these years!

Ajay Gupta

I have been a member since I started to work at Hydro in 1980. The Credit Union has been a wonderful place to keep my money. They not only provide ALL the services that big Banks do but they do it in a more professional and humane way. To them I am not just an account number, they know my name. Nicole and all other staff members are great and very helpful. The best decision I ever made.

Juliet John-Baptiste

The TECU was there for me in my time of need. I don't know what I would have done without them. They are all so friendly and easy to talk to.

Tracy Hancock

The Credit Union has been my financial institution of choice since starting with Hydro. Great staff who are always helpful have made banking issues with mortgages & loans exceptionally easy. The peace of mind I have is 'priceless'. Thanks Art for that info about debit purchases & savings!

Isabelita Buenaventura

TECU provides good service. This banking institution makes me feel I am in good hands. TECU feels like family.

Tony Lagana

The TECU golf tournament is one key tourney that I enjoy attending. Please keep it going! It's unfortunate that THES doesn't have a similar one. Also the exposure that the TECU offers members by having staff coming to all of the different Hydro locations is very important to all, especially those who may not be members yet.

Fersando Javier

TECU saves me money with free services. I found it very easy to get loans. Staff is friendly. I also find the website very user friendly.

Victoria Whelan

Thank you for all of the help you have provided to me throughout the last year. I am very impressed with the customer loyalty provided by yourself and TECU.


Bill Venton

Many thanks to you, Mark and the TECU grant review board. Vanessa was absolutely thrilled with the the news and I'm sure it will go a long way to boost her confidence, not to mention, a significant contribution to her first year tuition. I can' t say enough good things about my 20 year relationship with the Credit Union; the convenience, personal service, advice, security and professionalism cannot be matched by any other financial institution. This token of generosity is just another example of what makes me proud to be a member. Thanks again for supporting Vanessa's success.

Art Bevis

Exactly one month ago, I met with the Credit Union to discuss the new "Flip and Save" product offered. It's quite simple, each time you use your debit card, a small amount is automatically deposited into a separate account as a subtle form of forced savings. The interest rate for this account is quite appealing and collectively with the option plans available make it an easy sell. After a full 30 days of usage, there has been a total of $240 transferred into this account from my PCA based on usage of my debit card. At this rate, I will have put away almost $3,000 in one year without even missing a penny. I highly recommend this service to the membership, especially if you want to put some cash away for a holiday or a special purchase.

Greg Aletto

I've been a member of the Credit Union since 1982. I’ve been happy with my experience throughout the years. As a co-founder of the Toronto Hydro Hockey Team, the Credit Union has always been there for support. When I had to deal with my own financial matters, Liana Crimi was there to help. She was detailed in all of her correspondence, and helped steer me in the right direction. She gave me many options and she was looking out for my future. She’s been a great help through this process. I’ve heard a lot of good things about Liana even among my colleagues. Liana is great to deal with! Thank you Liana for all the help!

Lorraine Gauthier

For the last 26 years everyone at your office has truly become a friend.

The Miller-Vandyke family

The TECU has been and is a blessing to me and my family. We have maintained a personal connection with the staff. When I call, they address me with my name before I can even say who I am. A few winters ago, I was off work when my furnace broke down. Things were very tight, that was when I decided to give them a call. They told me to make arrangements for the new furnace. The money was basically being put into the account as we were talking. Thanks TECU keep up the great work.


Tim O’Sullivan

In my 30 years at Toronto Hydro the Credit Union has always been there for me and my family. They’ve always been supportive and generous with their advice even if it meant I needed to use another bank’s service. Thanks!

Paul Gillespie

The Credit Union is really good through financial hardships. They helped me when no other banks would.

Raj Kadharnauth

Friendly and helpful staff. Good to deal with.

Christine Mak

The Credit Union provides easy and timely services such as setting up RRSP and Loans. Staffs are friendly and able to address members promptly. Great services.

Teresa Law

I got a special rate for borrowing money to buy the hydro bonds.

Pete Tolev

I found that the staff have always been extremely friendly, helpful and very polite. Always smiling and willing to help. Keep up the great work.

Danny Amaral

They have helped me save money. They always know my name when I come in. They are always available and willing to help.

Cecil Manbahal

- Made loan available and easier.
- Helped me save money
- Donate sponsorships to community events
- Staff is always available for help and advice
- Friendly staff

Susan Butson

The credit union has given me a freedom to enjoy life to the fullest. It has changed my life immensely.

Geetha Daniel

Credit Union has been “my” Bank ever since I joined Toronto Hydro 18 years ago. Excellent services, personal care, friendly staff and easy access are just some of the reasons for me to continue to be a member.

Christine Shannon

My Credit Union was there for me when I needed a car loan, they provided my loan the same day with extremely low interest rates. The service is exceptional and I really appreciate the individual time and attention that is given to me. I look forward to many more years with you.

Maxine Morris

The credit union has helped my family set up a personal account for each family member. The credit union has helped us with loans and that has helped us pay less on interest and really helped save us money. I really enjoy seeing the friendly staff at the Credit Union. It makes a real difference in banking.

Steve Lake

My credit union has always been there for me when I need them.

Dexter Grandison

My credit union provides me with the best service and friendly staff.

Donna Brown

The service is exceptional and very personalized. They manage all my finances. I am very pleased. Special thanks for a great job!

Peter Katsios

The Credit Union is #1. They guided family in all financial situations and helped in all our hours of need. Thanks again!

John Pakert

My credit union has given me 30 years of excellent service and very personal experience in everyday dealings.

Ernie Wheeler

The staff is the best. Whenever I require a loan, it has never been a problem. Keep up the great work.

Ken Sharpe

The credit union has helped with my past financial problems I’ve had. They have given me advice on how to handle money. The staff has been the best I’ve ever dealt within a bank or Credit Union

The people at the credit union are very helpful and easy to communicate with. They go out of their way to help members.

Yvonne Llewellyn

I think the Credit Union is great. I do not have to pay any service charges and I can decide how much extra I pay on my loans. I even have an account for my daughter. Fantastic!

Mary Bartell

I have been dealing with the Credit Union for 18 years and have always found them friendly, informative and always ready to answer any question. Keep up the great work Credit Union team!

Don Ellis

The Credit Union has made my banking an exceptional experience. They have always been there when I needed a loan. The credit union has helped me with decisions in regards to my retirement planning.

Taras Renco

My credit union has given me more flexibility in my life, which has helped tremendously.

Roger Carvalho

My credit union has helped me with my loan, and by always suggesting good things for me to invest my savings.

Farida Sataur

The credit union has been and is a great and wonderful institution. Banking has never been made so easy and simple and the staffs (each and every one of them) have been ever so friendly and so very helpful. It is a joy dealing with them. The services offers are exceptional. None of the banks offer such reasonable rates as the credit union. It’s a pleasure dealing with “my” credit union.

Dean George

- Excellent Golf Tournament
- Easy to deal with getting a loan or mortgages – (I have had both in the past.)
- Easy to make payments through the internet banking
- Friendly and helpful staff

John Borowitz

I renewed a great rate on my term deposits.

Cindy Lee-Howe

The credit union has done a lot for me over the years. All of the people who work there are very helpful at all times. I have nothing but great thoughts of the credit union.


John Keeling

What has my credit union has done for me? My credit union has helped me with one of the many “POP-UP” emergency situations that can happen in life. In my case, a 5pm surprise car repair that threatened my planned vacation. An expected maintenance fee of $300.00 turned into a big costly repair, all in one Friday afternoon. The fantastic people at the credit union were able to adjust my loan and move everything around the same afternoon, saving my vacation!



Samuel Lindo

My credit union has an easy loan and mortgage process. The staff are very amiable. I also get all of my US cash at the credit union with no services charges or commission fees.

Grace Mullings

I had some serious financial problems a number of years ago, I went and spoke with the staff at my credit union and they basically bent over backwards to do what they could. I love the credit union and the staff. They truly care and do whatever they can to meet your needs. I don’t hesitate to go in and talk with the staff about all of my financial needs.

Logan Sellathurai

The staff are always with a smile at the credit union. With great rates for RRSP loans and the RRSPs that I transferred to the credit union from my previous bank, the savings I got is always great! Any time I want to make an inquiry about any of my accounts, it is always fast and easy. It is always a pleasure dealing with the staff here.

Sean Gray

My credit union has been very helpful for me by helping me take all of my old credit card debts and combining them (along with a car loan) into one easy payment. The credit union offered a better interest rate, great service and great advice. Thanks a lot!

Paul Layne

The credit union has helped me immeasurably with my finances, investment loans, and car loans. The staff are very friendly and helpful. They are extremely easy to talk to.